The tool. Recreating the whole racecourse, with starline, marks, boats and everything. Visually presented, based on the information you provide with the GPS, compass bearings, etc. We call it the blueboard - pretty much what you see on the America's Cup coverage, but on your current race and in your hands. And race timer. And more.

It is in the final stages of development, stay tuned for the release and don't hesitate to test the free RegaTTac Lite

RegaTTac Lite - the swiss-army knife for race tacticians - you can't kill a bear with it, but plenty other useful things can be done. Like the start - RegaTTac Lite has a nice race timer with beeps or natural voice telling the minutes and seconds, even when the phone is sleeping. Or keeping an eye, actually - a bearing, on other boats or marks along the racecourse.

Give it a try - it's free, and will stay free.

RegaTTac Coach - the next in the queue for shining out. Many ideas for really easy start procedures, monitoring the trainees during the race and extra easy finish counting are all stacked, and impatient to get into this new product. After-race debriefing is also in there.

Currently collecting wishers for such thing - give us a like so we know you're interested. Meanwhile - check the free Excel template for easy score keeping.

RegaTTac Pro, a big one - planned to extend the blueboard on a much wider areas to be useful for offshore regattas, with navigation, weather reports and routing, etc. New mathematical algorithm for the later is waiting to get implemented, with the ability to provide much global outlook and analysis on the possible routes - not just one "recommended" as all other tools are currently doing.

Also such long awaiting features, like collecting and analysing all instrument data for self-building the boat polars, even heel or wave-conditions detection (using the accelerometer and gyroscope) for assisting the boat tuning.

The big feature list, requires a big screen space, so initial idea is to aim at tablets. Possibly even Android-based, someday. Give us a like on this topic so we know you enjoy the idea.

Some tools and gadgets that we find useful and are happy to share and recommend.

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